Solar Integrated Sustainable Architecture has been established to promote the frequent use of active solar energy in buildings. Lack of integration knowledge and lack of solar product integrative features are still the today’s major barrier of wide spread of active solar energy use in the buildings. There is a need for architects and solar product manufacturers to complete the competencies in this field.

We are an advisory and strategy consulting firm dedicated to the clean solar energy use in the Architecture .We do this by analyzing the aesthetic and performance characteristics of the innovative solar systems. We develop a framework around our research findings for each project and propose the most suited solar technology which can conveniently integrate into the design, construction and engineering. We integrate the highest performing active solar systems in all types of buildings, to insulate the users from unpredictable electricity prices.

At SISA we focus on high architectural quality of the building as well as on high energy performance of the solar systems. We propose/recommend solar systems integration to the Architects, based on integration criteria for each unique project. We also propose/recommend the Building Integrated Solar modules architectural details to the solar energy Manufacturers to improve the integer-ability of the products and systems, supporting with the examples of improved and innovative available products, in both technologies (A) Solar thermal-(B) Photovoltaic.

EU’s Target For All New Buildings By 2020.


At SISA  our technology specialists and innovative designers are exploring the creative ways of incorporating the BIPV/BIST into new and existing architectural designs.

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