BIPVs Replace Facade Elements 

The architectural quality of integration can be optimally enhanced on the building envelope, where the aesthetic factors have maximum impact.The building envelope is the most important sub-system to the energy balance of the building. The components of solar technologies require new demands for the design of roof and facades regarding:proportion,structure,the arrangement of transparent and opaque surfaces,and material of the cladding . The integration of solar techniques(BIPV) should be coherent with design and function of the roof/facade.The focus on the aesthetic design aspects and the efficient use of solar components at buildings will create a positive impact on the design of our built environment.










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Additional Functions Parallel to Energy Production

 • Weather proofing
 •  Aesthetic
 • Shadowing/sun protection
 • Thermal insulation
 • Noise protection 
  Protection against direct sunlight
  Protection against glare
 • Modulation of daylight
  Cooling of the building envelope