BIST AS Building Component

For a natural integration, alike PV systems, solar thermal systems should also form a logical part of the structure and adds the finishing touch to the building’s envelope. Envelope means not only the roof but facade surfaces are also used. The facade has more sun-exposed surfaces with enormous potential and vertical integration reduces the overheating risk in summer. Especially in EU where mid-latitude solar energy generation via vertical solar collectors is almost constant during the whole year.

Integration Criteria

Many factors must be considered in the selection of the appropriate module:

  • Environment variables such as orientation, tilt, shading, temperature
  • Functionality such as weather, burglary and privacy protection, thermal and acoustic insulation, fall protection, electromagnetic shield insulation, light control, accessibility
  • Mounting system and electrical system (wiring)
  • Construction law aspects

Manz offers a variety of aesthetic and customized solutions with its high-performance CIGS thin-film solar modules.

SISA has unique expertise in the integration of solar modules into the envelope, where esthetic constraints are major and have most impact. We support you in the selection of the optimum solar module for your particular project and location.

Integration Possibilities: Position on Envelope

Envelope  Facade Shading  Balcony